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Det sitter i generna. Min släkt älskar mat.

help me choose

I'm planning om getting a pair of glasses, finally. Which pair do you like better and why?
They're all from specsavers, you can see the price on the green tag, I'm going for the cheapest pairs, hope I will be able to afford them. It's so hard to choose!

Snälla hjälp mig välja! Det här är ju skitsvårt!

the owl bag

I make this bag the shape of an owl, you can do any animal or shape you like. It's made out of pvc fabric with felt appliques.
Cut out two pieces of fabric the shape you want. Stitch on the appliques (it's easier if you stick them on with dubblesided tape first) on the front piece. Cut a whole for the zip on the back piece and stitch it on.

Then cut two pieces with the same shape as the bottom of the owl pieces, and about 5cm wide around(it goes down to 1cm wide on the top) as pictured below.
stitch them together on the top with the nice side in.

Stitch the bottom of one of the pieces to the back of the owl piece, it should look like this when you turn it:
Stitch the front of the owl on top of everything. It's a bit tricky, make sure you only catch one of the layers!

It's time to stitch it together now. Only go around the top, from where the stitch of the bottom bits ends to where the other end of the bottom stich is.

Put eyelets on the top and thread a string through and tie a knot on the ends on the back. I put eyeltes on the bottom aswell for adding beads as feet. It's ready to wear it now!
It looks like this from the back.
And like this having a rest.

I hope you understand the instructions. If you want you can ask me to send you the pattern, including all pieces needed (I'll charge you a small amount of 50SEK). If you need some further explanation, don't hesitate to ask, leave a comment!

If you don't have the time to make it, buy mine.

the owl


I made this necklace yesterday to wear to my friend Lisens birthday party. I forgot to stitch on a beak, but on the next one there will be one. This is the mute owl. Shortly there will be a tutorial up!

ingen smak

Det tråkigaste som finns är när man är så täppt att man inte känner någon smak alls. Så snorig är jag just nu. Att inte kunna njuta av mat är sorgligt. Livet blir lite mer meningslöst. Just som jag upptäckt valios laktosfria produkter, som jag kan äta utan att må dåligt! Nu står keson och skäms i kylskåpet och jag har precis avslutat en tallrik med fil, banan och branflakes, ingen smakupplevelse, bara tomt. Ironiskt, då jag inte ätit mjölkprodukter på år och dar, jag som längtat och avundats. Den som väntar på något gott väntar alltid för länge. Jag vill ha allt på en gång, NU! Hatar förnumstiga ordspråk.

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Nu ska jag sluta plåga mig själv. Jag blir väl frisk om några dagar, då ska jag minsann goffa så det står härliga till!

New fleamarket finds

My autumn wardrobe is still in Belgium so I went out on a mission to find some new. Yesterday morning I went to the fleamarket on Vaksala torg in Uppsala.
The market is on every saturday. I haven't been for a long time, and I forgot how much I like it! You need to be there early in the morning to get the good stuff, but with a baby at home, there is no problem getting up early. There is usually about 97% crap and 3% worth looking at, where you probably only find half of it. But isn't that the beauty of bargin hunting? I love fleamarkets, I love going through a box of junk to find that unresistable piece in the bottom of it. The thought of the bargin you're going to find while doing it. So this is a selection of what I found:
Very eighties leather jacket. It's incredibly cool and ugly, love it!
Big grey dressy trousers in pure wool.
And some great vintage seventies clothes for my son, he is quite tall and skinny and the seventies cut fit him perfectly.

For all pictured I only payed ?120 SEK!

I want to thank Finn for lending me a camera, since mine gone really bad. This one works great, Thank you so much!